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Hello – I am Dr. Gregory P. LaGana – Chiropractic Physician. I have been in private practice for over 35 years in Brookline, MA. I specialize in low back pain and low back related leg pain known as sciatica. My goal is simple and straight forward… to get you out of low back and sciatic pain as quickly as possible. We initially concentrate on relieving each patient’s pain and the causes that brings that patient into our office. We are equally committed to giving each patient the knowledge and tools to help them prevent recurring episodes and to stop potential future spinal weakening and damage.

My practice evolved over the years as a direct result of the epidemic rise in disc involved low back and sciatic pain (leg pain) and also due to the technical procedures I trained in and continue to refine. These corrective procedures emphasize the utmost importance of the structural balance (alignment) and functional integrity of the low back and disc structures which are the underlying cause of most low back pain and sciatica (low back related leg pain).

I did not know anything about chiropractic, but after sustaining an injury that did not respond to any conventional treatment or medications. I reluctantly took a friend’s advice and had a chiropractic evaluation. Everything from the examination to the explanation of the exam findings , were eye opening to me. It did not seem opposed to medicine, but different- what I guess is now called complementary – alternative. Within a short time of starting chiropractic treatment,  I was able to resume my activities , and soon after that I was pain free.

I was planning on going into public service (criminal law) and had taken a year- long sabbatical after college graduation when all this happened. After several months of soul searching, I decided that becoming a chiropractor and giving others the benefit of chiropractic care would be more meaningful and personally fulfilling.

I received my undergraduate bachelor’s degree at the University of Miami (Florida), class of 1971, and my doctorate of chiropractic degree in 1976 from the Columbia Institute of Chiropractic (NYC), now the New York College of Chiropractic.

I have been happily married for over 35 years. We started our family later than most, so I know from personal experience the importance of maintaining one’s health, vitality, and physical abilities to keep up with my two children- I drag them to the batting cages every baseball season. When I am not actively working in my office, I devote my time to my family, family activities, and taking advantage of city living.