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Quality: Excellent
Dr. LaGana is a life saver! On my third day of a month long trip to Boston, I began having extreme pain in my hip that caused my right leg to go completely numb. After suffering for about a week and becoming almost immobile, I contacted Dr. LaGana’s office. Tish was extremely sympathetic and scheduled me in right away (same day service)!
Dr. LaGana diagnosed my condition and started treatment right away. I felt immediate relief after my first appointment and saw him three additional times while I was in Boston, getting better each time. Additionally, he taught me how to do my own therapy twice daily and it really worked (continues to work!) for me to relieve/heal my pain! Dr. LaGana called me daily to check on me during my time in Boston and I am incredibly impressed by his dedication to his patients.
Upon returning home to Denver, I have no pain. Dr. LaGana sent me home with a therapeutic exercises that I do daily and also contact information for trained providers in my area to continue care. And yes, he has called to check on me since returning home – he really does care!
I may have to go back to Boston just to visit with Dr. LaGana and Tish – what a great pair those two are. Thank you so much for fixing me, I’m forever indebted to you for saving my trip to Boston!Five Stars for Dr. LaGana!

Wendy Ethridge (Google Reviews) 
Quality: Excellent
I’ve had a great experience with Dr. LaGana. I had never been to a chiropractor before but I was experiencing awful lower back pain so I decided to give it a try. I went to him about twice a week for a month and I felt much better after each appointment. He also gave me some exercises to perform at home that have helped a ton to manage it on my own. He always made sure I was comfortable – I’m always overheated and he had cold water bottles and the AC cranked at every visit. I don’t have anything negative to say and I’ll definitely be going back for any other chiro issues!
Laura Maddox (Google Reviews) 
Quality: Excellent
After having lower back pain that was gradually increasing in intensity, and a previously less than positive experience with a chiropractor, I will admit to some hesitation in visiting another chiropractor. However, I needed some help, and after reading some positive reviews I decided to take a chance and I am so glad I did! Dr. LaGana is just wonderful! I’ve never known a provider, of any specialty, to be so patient in talking to and explaining their course of treatment. Within a few treatments I was feeling a lot less pain and now, after a few months of treatment I am much better able to walk and get around. Dr. LaGana has given me the tools to make myself stronger and to pro-actively prevent further damage and for that I am very grateful. Also want to note that Dr. LaGana’s office is very well run. He is always on time and available by phone between appointments if you have any questions. I have no hesitation in recommending Dr. LaGana for anyone looking for a chiropractor.
Niamh Foley (Google Reviews)  
Quality: Excellent
I’ve suffered from a couple of sports-related and bad posture-related lower back injuries over the past 5 years. Despite tens of visits to different chiropractic practitioners, a CT scan, acupunctures, etc. no one could pin down the cause of growing pain and discomfort. Dr. LaGana not only helped restore my balance and structural integrity, he also helped guide me to self-restoration and management. He sincerely cared for my problems and gave me personalized treatment, also helping with my gastric reflux and my forward neck. Highly recommended!
Quality: Excellent
After months of suffering from sciatica, I was willing to try anything to help alleviate the pain. I had never been to a chiropractor before and, quite honestly, was a bit leery of what the experience would be like. The thought of harsh and painful adjustments didn’t appeal to me. Luckily, after doing some research online, I came across Dr. LaGana’s website. In addition to the wonderful reviews he had received, I was encouraged to learn that he utilized the Activator method, pioneered by Dr. Arlan Fuhr. This gentle, yet effective technique, coupled with cervical decompression, ultrasound therapy and physical therapy, has given me the tools to not only heal the damage that had been done, but continue to pro-actively prevent further damage from occurring.
Joseph Holmes(Google Reviews)  
Quality: Excellent
After going to countless doctors and physical therapists for my neck pain, who knew that the answer to all my problems was Dr.LaGana. Dr.LaGana made me feel very comfortable, and well taken care of. Not only did he take the time to assess my issues, he even explained the cause behind the pain. Furthermore, Dr. LaGana made sure that I had the proper home-care routine outside of his office. Now, after a few weeks of treatment, I feel like a new person!

If anyone is going through any neck issues, I highly recommend Dr.LaGana. The office is always very clean and comfortable. Best of all-he really cares about your well-being and progress!
Rebecca Shpektor (Google Reviews)  
Quality: Excellent
Dr.LeGana has been treating me for a long term spinal injury during my first semester at school and I only have positive things to say. He was very flexible with my school schedule and wanted to get me out and feeling better as quickly as possible. I would recommend him to anyone who needs quick help or something more long term. He also has a very nice jazz collection playing everyday except for country music fridays.
Willa Pisarski (Google Reviews)
Quality: Excellent

I highly recommend Dr. LaGana and his chiropractic practice. In just a few short months, Dr. LaGana has significantly reduced my chronic back and neck pain. From my first treatment, Dr. LaGana was very upfront about how long it would take for me to feel any improvement and made it clear that his goal was for me to take control of my recovery through simple exercises I could do at home to support and strengthen my progress. I started noticing improvements within the timeframe he provided and my progress continues to improve through Dr. LaGana’s at-home exercise routine and his self-care tips.

Dr. Lagana’s wife Tish runs the practice in an incredibly professional and friendly way. She makes it easy to book appointments, as well as process payments for treatment. Dr. LaGana is always on time and both Dr. L and his wife Tish are a joy to be around. I highly, highly recommend Dr. LaGana and his practice!

Alyssa Minahan(Google Reviews)
Quality: Excellent

For most of my life I have been lucky to not have any ongoing issues with back pain. For the last year or so, however, my low back has been very tight. When I woke up in the morning it was always terribly stiff. I would do some stretching exercises but the tightness would never go away. I have a fairly physically demanding job and felt that I was at high risk for injuring myself.

I had never been to a chiropractor in my life. In fact, the thought of someone cracking my back was something that kind of scared me and it was not something that I wanted to ever do. However, I know several people who have been helped by a chiropractor so one day, feeling particularly stiff, I decided to see if there was someone in the area that might be able to help me.

After seeing the outstanding reviews of Dr LaGana and reading that he used an instrument called an activator to make his adjustments instead of cracking the back, I called the office right away to make an appointment. I was happy to get a very helpful woman on the phone who was able to give me an appointment the next week on the day I requested. She took my insurance number to find out what my insurance benefits were so that there would be no surprises after my first visit. In fact, my plan required that I pay a deductible but the out of pocket cost for my first visits were reasonably priced and turned out to be well worth it.

On my first visit, I was greeted by Tish who was the woman that I spoke with on the phone. She is very friendly and professional and seems to also take care of the billing. I didn’t have to wait to see Dr LaGana who gave me a very thorough first evaluation which was accompanied by some fine jazz music in a very comfortable brownstone office.

A little less than 3 months have passed since my first appointment. I am now due to go back after 3 weeks. After that it will be less frequent but I am always encouraged by Dr LaGana to let him know right away if I have any setbacks.

I am so very pleased by the progress I have made. I now longer have that terribly sore back in the morning and can comfortably sleep in on the weekends now. As I write this in the afternoon, I have absolutely no stiffness in my lower back. I feel so much better. I am certain that if I did not address this, it would only get worse over time and that it would impair me from doing things and that I would be very likely to have an injury to my back which could ruin my ability work. I am so grateful that I found Dr LaGana and hope he stays in practice for a very long time to help me with occasional adjustments. He also gave me a home care routine with exercises to strengthen and balance my back and core muscles so that hopefully one day I will never need to come back. In the mean time I am grateful to go there and it’s always a pleasure to see Greg and Tish.

Quality: Excellent

My treatment with Dr. LaGana was quick and effective. On our first visit, he mentioned a time frame for my treatment and followed through with that timeline. The treatment procedures were comfortable and Dr. LaGana would check-in throughout the appointment to ensure my comfort. My wait time was always kept to a minimum, if I even had to wait at all. I left with exercises and knowledge to assist me in at home care and continue to do those exercises on a regular basis. If I experience any issues similar to the past, I will be sure to make an appointment with Dr. LaGana as I am confident that he will help me in an effective and timely manner.

Kendal Cramer 


Quality: Excellent

I have been going to Dr. LaGana for treatment for almost a year. I was initially skeptical about chiropractic treatment, but have found Dr. LaGana’s approach to treatment quite effective.

More importantly, for me anyway, is that Dr. LaGana and his office manager, Tish, always treated me kindly and with a genuine respect that is often lacking from healthcare providers. His scheduling is fairly flexible and I rarely have an issue when it comes to setting up or rescheduling appointments.

Appointments are generally efficient affairs and Dr. LaGana clearly works within a patient’s comfort zone with an emphasis on preventative care. In my experience, he does not appear to be trying to drain my bank account through years of unnecessary care as people often believe chiropractors do. Instead, he makes it clear that the patient is in charge of treatment and that the patient can, in fact, fire him at any time. Dr. LaGana’s thoughtful approach makes it apparent that it would be against my interest to fire him. Now that my initial treatment period has ended, I plan to continue treatment with him as needed because the benefits are readily apparent.

He takes the time to clearly explain all parts of the treatment process and makes himself surprisingly available outside of appointments to address any pressing questions or concerns. He is exceedingly knowledgeable and personable, a rare combination in a healthcare professional. I cannot recommend him enough.

Nayan Panchal (Google Reviews)
Quality: Excellent
 This is my second chiropractic experience for my lower back pain. My previous chiropractor used another technique (diversify), with much twisting around of my bones. The procedures were a little scary to me. I felt fine when I left the office, but once not seeing chiropractor, my pain came back.

So I decided to switch my chiropractor and see if it would help better.
Dr LaGana used another technique (activator), and it’s much less scary.
The best part is that, Dr LaGana spent much time in showing home care techniques. It has really helped me in my recovery. I felt that after a long day at desk, those stretching exercises relaxed my muscles. Now I have the knowledge of taking care of myself.When I see a doctor, I would like to be healed, but not just the relief of symptoms without fixing the real problem. And Dr LaGana has been the kind of doctor that I want.

Siu Ren Zi (Google Reviews)

Quality: Excellent

Highly, highly, highly recommend the services of Dr. Lagana to anyone who is having issues with back pain or sciatica. He has helped me tremendously and turned a skeptic into a very appreciative patient. After 3 months, I am now pain free and in significantly better physical condition because of his honesty, availability and personalized attention. He is genuinely interested in improving your condition and follows up to keep you on track and make sure you are progressing. Do not hesitate to reach out to Dr. Lagana.

Andrew Chase (Google Reviews)

Quality: Excellent

Dr. LaGana is an excellent chiropractor! He takes plenty of time to make sure his patients are well cared for, giving them a variety of methods to aid in chiropractic correction. Prior to visiting him, I was used to quick chiropractic adjustments. Dr. LaGana has not only provided me with more extended care that produced long lasting results, but he has also given me the tools I need to take care of my back on my own. He has a wealth of knowledge and it truly shows in his work. I highly recommend him to others who are seeking a chiropractor!

Frank Savoca, Jr.  (Google Reviews)

Quality: Excellent

Dr. LaGana is fantastic! He diagnosed where I was getting back pain and explained what was going on. He then told me the time frame it would take to help make adjustments to my back in order to alleviate my symptoms. Not only did he work on my back when I came in to his office but he gave me specific exercises to help address my issue that I could do at home. This was great because it did not require me to have to come in multiple times per week and gave me more control over getting healthier. Dr. LaGana has a wealth of knowledge and experience and it clearly shows! I would highly recommend Dr. LaGana to anyone looking for a phenomenal chiropractor!

Alex Russian  (Google Reviews)


Great experience going to see Dr. LaGana! He makes you feel right at home in the office. Best of all, my numbness was gone after only a few sessions. He provides you with great solutions to maintain issues at home, and I will continue seeing him for maintenance to make sure my alignment is still good!

Ali Blauer   (Google Reviews)

I found Dr. Lagana when I was searching for a chiropractor after waking up with a neck pain. I decided to see him because he is specialized in lower back pain, which is exactly what I needed because I suffered from back pain for about a year in addition to the neck pain I was having. The first visit took quite long, unlike I expected. Dr. LaGana did a very throughout examination and we were really trying to pin down what could have caused all of my problems. In addition to that, he also gave me a list of exercise I can do on my own time to help with the pain and keep the joints intact once they are adjusted. One thing that I was unsure about was the method he used to adjust my back. It was gentle and it did not require any twisting or popping of the joint. To be honest, I thought I would have to look for another doctor afterward because I did not know if I would get better. However, I started seeing changes with my body right after the second visit. Besides going to his office, I also made sure to follow his direction in order to get better. Long story short, I am a lot better after three weeks – which is also the exact time that he initially suggested I saw him for. I rarely had to wait whenever I visit the office and he always had nice music playing.
206celeste  (Google Reviews)

It would be an understatement to say that Dr. LaGana really knows what he’s doing. A few months ago, I came to him with severe upper back pain (I do not have the need to see him anymore. I’m just a bit late with my review). Growing up in a family full of doctors, I was always told that there are some chiropractors that make adjustments that only supply temporarily relief so that you keep coming back to them. Therefore, I went for not one, but two second opinions. I have been examined by both a chiropractor (who is a trusted family friend) and an orthopedist, who both told me that his course of treatment and advice of how to prevent the pain from reoccurring, were both 100% correct.

On a separate note, Dr. LaGana is one in a million–maybe even one of a kind–because he never double books! It’s always frustrating to wait 45 minutes for your doctor to see you, and then when he does he is passive and doesn’t really give you his full attention. Dr. LaGana is always on time and completely devotes himself to one client at a time. He doesn’t switch between rooms and make you wait while he takes care of another patient. On top of it all, he will always return your emails and phone calls in a flash and he’s really funny!

Highly recommended.


From the first visit with Dr. LaGana you know that he is that rare type of doctor who takes the time to think about and care for each patient. On your first visit, Dr. LaGana gives a detailed explanation of treatment and takes the lengthy history of your condition to completely understand your problem.

After my first treatment appointment, Dr. LaGana the called the next day to see how I was feeling and answer any questions that may have crept up. When I called the office to change an appointment or with a question, my calls were answered on the second ring or if the office was closed, returned the next day, if not sooner. This is a really patient centric clinic.

From the first appointment, Dr. LaGana gave me exercises that I could do on my own time which have drastically reduced my need for office visits. I’ve had chronic shoulder muscle tension which affects my spine for years and he is the first doctor who give me a way to manage the condition on my own rather than constantly seek treatment.

Dr. LaGana is on time and the few times when I came 5 to 10 minutes early, he was able to see me right away.

There is one thing I have to mention for those with fragrance sensitivity: Dr. LaGana’s office is often heavily scented. I live with a child who has a fragrance allergy and I often had to swap shirts when I came home after treatment, so if you are in a similar situation, consider bringing a cover t-shirt for your visit.

Daria Mark  (Google Reviews)

Quality: Excellent

I’ve been seeing Dr. Lagana for about two years now, when I started to feel some pain in my low back. I was first surprised that he didn’t manipulate my spine by making my bones “crack”, which is the kind of manipulations I was used to back in Europe. Instead, he does some very local manipulations, which I actually really prefer, as long as it has the desired effect. Even after he got me back into a good shape, I’ve continued to see him like every two months just for “revision control”.

Alexandre Bertails (Google Reviews)

Quality: Excellent

Dr. LaGana was referred by a good friend who has been seeing him for many years. I have been going to chiropractors for many years and have always been adjusted with the more traditional methodology so when Dr. LaGana explained that he wanted to use a device called an Activator I was somewhat skeptical. Many of the issues I have stem from problems in my neck and Dr. LaGana felt the Activator approach would be safer and actually more beneficial than traditional maneuvering. He also gave me information and requested that I do my own research to evaluate the procedure so that I would feel comfortable and confident. I did the research and everything he told me proved correct and I have been on the Activator program ever since. I feel great and have had no issues whatsoever. I also work out more than the average guy my age, 62, and Dr. LaGana helped steer me to some new exercises and ways of protecting my spine and neck during my workouts so the quality of that time has been better and safer. I highly recommend Dr. LaGana. He is a great personality and not threatened by questions or comments and that goes a long way with people like me who want to stay informed and involved in matters of their own health and well being. Dr. LaGana’s office is quiet and his wife, Tish, who deals with insurance and appointments could not be nicer. Give him a try. You will not be disappointed!

Rob Warley (Google Reviews)

Quality: Excellent

I’ve been under Dr. Greg Lagana’s chiropractic care for many years and happily recommend him without reservation. Greg is a highly skilled and intuitive professional and his chiropractic care has kept me out of pain and in balance through thick and thin, from sitting too long in front of the computer, to many over exuberant athletic endeavors and yoga classes. I was introduced to Greg by my husband who had been a patient of his for a number of years prior to my meeting him. Initially I was in pain from an unstable lower back with accompanying knee and hip pain. Thru regular visits and home care I was relieved from this pain and have continued running and many other physical activities thru the years. Getting this chiropractic care has been one of the most consistent and best self care practices I’ve engaged in to keep me pain free and in good shape. Greg’s office is fresh and clean and easily accessible with adequate parking and Tish at the front desk is a delight.

Colette Bourassa (Google Reviews)

 Quality: Excellent
Greg is the greatest—he keeps me as straight as an arrow. Having known him since he and I were young men (well relatively young in my case) he has used his considerable skills and knowledge to keep me limber, fit, and pain free for decades now–even resurrecting me from the crazy damage you can do to your self when you think that you are indestructible. I would highly recommend him for his knowledge, competence, caring, understanding, and of course that Italian sense of humor.
James Stanton-Abbott (Google Reviews)
 Quality: Excellent
I was unfamiliar with Dr LaGana’s methods (e.g. activator), and they are quite subtle compared with the traditional chiropractic adjustments that I was used to getting. It took me a while to realize how well the treatments were working! I have chronic long term back problems, but now that I’ve been seeing Dr LaGana regularly for around six months, my back is the best it’s been in several years. Note however, there’s more to the story than just the office visits. Dr LaGana gives me exercises to do, and he advises me on my strength training regimen (I usually spend around 5 hours per week in the gym). The office and the treatment rooms are very comfortable and relaxing. Beyond getting great chiropractic care, I also find the office a very nice pleasant place to be, with wonderful people! I am very fortunate to have found Dr LaGana and to have access to his care. He has improved my life a lot!
Mark O’Brien (Google Reviews) 
Quality: Excellent
I have been in the care of Dr LaGana for about 2 years. I had taken a serious fall off of icy, concrete steps that resulted in consistent and serious low back and hip pain for 6 months. A good friend gave me Dr LaGana’s contact information; she said she had been a patient for a year, her husband for about 20 years. I have NO regrets. During my first (consultation) visit, Dr LaGana listened to my symptoms, took x-rays, examined my back and hips, and most importantly took the time to explain what he was doing and why. During my second visit, Dr LaGana explained the physiological source of my pain, the strategy of care he would provide, and what would be expected of me during the healing process. In stark comparison to my prior chiropractic care, treatment by Dr LaGana is always pleasant with minimal pain, no contortions, and no “cracking.” The treatments and exercises are targeted toward diminishing the physiological source and associated pain. I continue to see Dr LaGana on a regular basis to ensure everything is “holding.” In between visits, Dr LaGana is always available to field questions. Dr LaGana’s office is conveniently located right off the St Mary’s stop (Green C). The waiting room is bright with great magazines to peruse, but I never get to read them because I’m always taken in for treatment on time (provided, of course, I’m on time!). I cannot recommend Dr. LaGana highly enough.
Sarah Waterworth (Google Reviews)

Quality: Excellent
I have been working with Dr. LaGana for a year now and he has helped alleviate years of back issues. What was something that used to be a recurring problem is now straightened out and feels back to normal. He has provided clear direction on the things I need to do to keep my back/hips healthy and been very patient with me in making sure there was continual progress with my back healing. I recommend Dr. LaGana to anyone who has back issues and maybe is nervous to see someone– his patient and calm nature will make you feel at east during the healing process.
Marissa Ciccia (Google Reviews)
Quality: Excellent
I have been seeing Doctor Lagana for 30 years. I am a dancer with a difficult back due to his excellent chiropractic work he has kept me dancing all these years. When I have had serious trouble with my back he has always made himself available to help me through in emergencies. I would highly recommend, he a really good doctor and always is learning and keeping up to date with new techniques to improve his practice and methods.
Anna Myer (Google Reviews)

Quality: Excellent

I was referred to Dr. LaGana in 2011 by a friend who thought chiropractic care could help me with my chronic headaches and neck soreness. At the very first visit I was impressed; Dr. LaGana didn’t want to adjust anything without checking out x-rays first. Once he had the x-rays it became apparent that I suffer from a rather severe case of scoliosis, that had gone undiagnosed until meeting with him. Thank goodness I came in! From that point on, I have seen him on a regular basis. Not only has he helped me tremendously during the treatment sessions, he also has provided me with numerous exercises and opportunities for home care. These exercises have strengthened my back and neck and reduced the frequency of my headaches. Dr. LaGana is a class act – always taking care, always giving good explanations, and always taking you on time. And don’t even mention his great restaurant suggestions and fine taste in jazz! Go to Dr. LaGana and you won’t be disappointed. As he would say, “there are no spare parts for the spine.”

  Allison Gale (Google Reviews)

Quality Excellent 
My husband and I have been regular patients of Dr. Lagana since 1991. At that time, I was referred to him by my sister-in-law and her husband, both of whom had already been seeing him for several years (and they are still seeing him now). Before my first visit with Dr. Lagana, I had had only one brief and disappointing visit with another chiropractor, so I did not really know what to expect. Up to that point, I’d been having chronic aches and pains in my back for several years (since my early twenties). Since being under Dr. Lagana’s care, the low-level persistent pain in my back has entirely vanished. The four members of my family who see him regularly are all currently on maintenance care — we have a visit every 3-4 weeks — which seems to be enough to maintain good back health. Over the years, I’ve had various incidents, as everyone does — car accidents, pulled muscles, random injuries — which have affected my back. On those occasions, it has been amazingly helpful to be able to call Dr. Lagana for quick remedial care. He has always been able to fit me in for an emergency appointment when needed, and any back injuries I have had have cleared up much more quickly while under his care than before I was a patient. Dr. Lagana will follow up with phone calls on weekends and evenings when he is not working, which I think shows real dedication to his patients. Dr. Lagana is more than a doctor to our family — he has become an important part of our lives. He genuinely cares about the folks under his care and treats us all as individuals. His wife, Tish, is a friendly presence at the front desk, adding even more to the warm and comfortable atmosphere of his offices. In short, if you are looking for a reputable and highly skilled chiropractor who also is a warm and welcoming individual, look no further!
Andrea Bird (Google Reviews)
Quality: Excellent
I have been in the care of Dr LaGana for about 4 years. I was looking for an alternative to treating chronic head aches with medications. Dr. LaGana always takes time to explain his strategy and what to expect from his care. He provided me with treatments and exercises that have made my headaches be much less frequent. His methods are extremely safe and effective. Dr LaGana also followed me throughout my pregnancy and made sure to keep my back and hips healthy and aligned. I would highly recommend him for his competence, caring, understanding, great music tastes and his sense of humor!
Muriel Laubier (Google Reviews)
Quality: Excellent
I have been seeing Dr. LaGana for three months for lower back pain (his particular specialty), and I could not be more pleased. On the first day, he gave me reading materials, took the time to explain my condition to me, and outlined a course of action. He always greets me with enthusiasm, listens carefully when I bombard him with seemingly useless information, makes sense of it, and then explains why I feel the way I do. I have been to other chiropractors in the past, and was dreading the “cracking” portion of the session. I was pleasantly surprised to find that Dr. LaGana does not do this, opting instead to use an activator for lower-force, gentler adjustments. He also gives me exercises to do at home, and reviews my progress with them at every session, sometimes adding exercises or showing me again how to do them properly. At the end of every visit, he makes it clear that I can call him anytime if something comes up before the next visit. I am so lucky to have found such great care!
Maryam Amr (Google Reviews)
Quality: Excellent
Dr Lagana is a first-rate chiropractor and the treatment I have received from him over the years has been nothing short of amazing. Not only is he highly skilled at bodywork and adjustments but his table-side manner is also stellar and he really takes an interest in getting to know his patients and their personalities and relates to them on a personal level as well as a technical one. When I began treatment I was experiencing some fairly intense low back and leg pain and this was coming on the heels of returning to the dance world after a several year absence. He listened to all my concerns (and I can talk quite a a lot!) answered all my questions (and there were many) Dr Lagana has gone way above and beyond for me over the years from seeing me immediately if I got injured to giving me a ton of tips/tricks and exercises for strengthening various muscles. He recognizes that as a dancer (even a non-pro one) That I can be quite hard on myself and demand a lot of my body. The treatment he’s given me and the maintenance care I’m on now has made it possible for me to perform at my top level. I have recommended him to my friends and other performers and will continue to do so. He’s a gem in the chiropractic world!
Karyn Schwarz (Google Reviews)
Quality: Excellent
Greg was recommended to me by my former chiropractor when I first moved to town in 1980. I’ve been his patient ever since. My work is physical and leaves me susceptible to back injury, so I count on him to keep me going. Which he does. I’m convinced that he has been responsible for maintaining my healthy back and that allows me to continue to do the work I love.
Louise Farrell(Google Reviews)
Quality: Excellent
I’ve been a patient of Dr. Lagana’s off and on for over a dozen years, and it is difficult to put into words what he’s meant to me. When I first came in it was after a severe episode in which my lowest disc had become subluxated and inflamed, and it hurt so bad that I was completely immobilized. He worked through my pain until I was feeling better, and then continued to help me with prevention by giving me home care exercises. Over the years I’ve had a few relapses and he’s always been there to set me back on the road to recovery. He has this uncanny ability to actually see your pain. By this I mean he can look at you and tell from your body language exactly where you are hurting. When he works with you on the table he seems to know when certain movements are going to hurt, and so he warns you ahead of time. He always explains everything he’s going to do before he does it, and why. He doesn’t simply crack your back and send you on your way as many other chiropractors are known to do. Consequently you have confidence that he understands how your body works, and that he’s doing everything in his power to help you feel better. In times when I’ve called on an off day because of an emergency situation and left a message, he makes it a point to call back personally to investigate the problem, and there is no doubt he’s doing it out of concern and caring for his patient’s well being. Finally, Dr. Lagana is also a delightfully real person with a great sense of humor. He gets to know his patients on a personal level. That means you often get cheerful wisecracking delivered with a wink in addition to sound medical advice. He’s also very knowledgeable about 60’s rock and jazz, and if you ask him to he will be glad to turn you on to obscure songs by the Byrd’s or Gram Parsons while you are lying there with an ice pack. 
David Wildman (Google Reviews)
Quality: Excellent
When I was recommended by my daughter to go see Dr. LaGana this past July, I was in pain after the neck injury during my recent moving. Pain pills prescribed by my PCP stopped working by then, and for a couple of weeks I had to manage to get some sleep in a sitting position every night. Dr. LaGana immediately diagnosed that while the pain was in my cervical spine, the root of the problem was actually in my back. About 18 years ago, I had a disk rupture in my low back, between L5 and S1, and suffered from sciatica on my left leg and foot. After some physical therapy, I thought I was managing my back okay since the pain subsided over time. Evidently, however, the real issue on my low back was not fully addressed at that time, and it was affecting the rest of my spine slowly but surely for all these years. In one strange sense, I am glad for my neck pain because it brought me to Dr. LaGana who directed my attention to the real issue in my back before the damage became permanently debilitating. A few visits with him helped relieve the neck pain (Thank God that I now can sleep lying down, not sitting up!), and he began working on my back for the next couple of month. In addition to the activator treatments, he introduced me to the exercises that included ball, resistance band, and the Cox Exercises for the low back. Beginning from getting the right size of the ball, Dr. LaGana guided me step by step until I could do the entire set of exercises on the ball by myself. For the first time since my disk rupture 18 years ago, I feel like I got “my back” back in my early 60’s, and gained some new muscles on my belly, which I am sure were there but never felt there. My work as a university chaplain requires long hours of sitting and listening, and I no longer feel so heavy on my whole body in my sitting position as I used to do. The best part is the pleasure of the ball exercises that I do daily with my wife, who I had pulled in to the whole world of “an engineering miracle of human spine” as Dr. LaGana has a habit of saying. Both of us feel energized and refreshed no matter what time of the day we choose to do the exercises. To be honest, I had a misgiving toward chiropractic care after hearing some horror stories in the past, but after my own experience under the care of Dr. LaGana, I became an enthusiast and came to believe that a well-informed self-care of the spine, especially low back, enables anyone to gain the kind of mobility and vitality that we all want to have. Dr. LaGana worked himself out of his job by guiding me and setting me onto this journey.
Mark Yoon (Google Reviews)
Quality: Excellent
My husband Doug Hall was recommended to Dr. Gregory LaGana by our friend Mark Yoon, who was his patient. Doug came to Dr. LaGana at 76 years of age with lower back pain (which I had strained by lifting my grandchildren off a zip line) and a great deal of arthritic pain in both knees and hips. His orthopedic doctor said the knee pain was a result of bone-on-bone problems in his hips that could only be treated with cortisone shots and hip surgery. He thought his problems were just signs of old age. Decades ago Doug was hit by a taxi going 40 mph. He flew over the car, landed on his feet and walked another mile to his meeting. Two hours later I drove him for x-rays, which revealed no broken bones or problems. Over the years he developed a slight favoring toward one side, some problems with his feet and heels, and arthritis in his right knee from an old high school football injury, for which he underwent a knee replacement 7 years prior to coming to Dr. LaGana. In the middle of Doug’s treatment with Dr. LaGana he had to undergo hernia surgery and recovery time. Dr. LaGana was always very respectful regarding his treatment by other doctors and helpful in aiding his understanding of the recovery process. We both have been very happy with the entire experience. Dr. LaGana straightened out Doug’s hip with mild adjustments. His suggestions about lifestyle changes – investing in a good chair and using the ball – lessened Doug’s back pain and restored some mobility. Dr. LaGana’s enthusiasm with Doug’s progress encourages us. He can see the progress in straightening the spine that we cannot see. But I do see that Doug is standing and walking straighter, and he attests that he is generally feeling less and less pain. We highly recommend Dr. LaGana. He exhibits a great blend of professionalism with a personal touch, even down to the way the office is run. He excellently mixes competent professional care and knowledge with personal interest and concern, making every moment spent with him very worthwhile. Observing that Doug and I work as a team, he allowed me as Doug’s spouse to be with him in the treatment room. Dr. LaGana’s sense of humor put us at ease and established immediate rapport. He makes it a point to always remember a particular point of reference about our lives about which we can resonate. We wish every doctor were as personally interested in us and as relational! Perhaps he ought to teach “bedside manner” on the side!
Judy Hall (Google Reviews)
Quality: Excellent
Now only on a monthly maintenance schedule, I have been under Dr. LaGana’s care for 32 years. Originally, I came to him to consider a neurological issue, but very quickly he diagnosed a potentially serious lower back problem. I am deeply grateful for his expert care. I have been virtually pain-free for many years. His intervention staved off a likely surgery and who knows how much future pain and suffering? Dr. LaGana is a no-nonsense practitioner. His technique is properly gentle but firm, and he has reminded me again and again that my willingness to do the necessary homecare (exercises to strengthen the core muscles, ice to lessen inflammation) has been a key component in my healing process. I have never felt that he was running a “chiropractic mill.” Rather, he has always taken plenty of time with me. There is a human touch which I count a real blessing. Finally, it is clear that one of his strongest areas is in healing the lower back. Both my wife and I can attest to Dr. LaGana’s expertise in this critical area. He’s an expert and we are grateful for him.
Rabbi Richard Nichol (Google Reviews)

 Quality: Excellent

Dr. Lagana has been integral in nursing me back to health and making me believe that I can ‘feel better’ with some hard work and dedication. I consider him unique not only because of the expertise he has in his field but also because of how multi-dimensional he is. He’s as a healer, educator, motivator, part-time comedian and someone who truly cares about your well being all rolled into one. His approach to treatment is outstanding and for these reasons I highly recommend him. Prior to engaging Dr. Lagana, I had been suffering for 3+ years with lower back pain and piriformis syndrome due to an injury. After a month or so of treatment, I was able to manage my lower back pain in a way where it is no longer degrading my quality of life and have seen dramatic improvement in my piriformis syndrome. I am now on a monthly maintenance schedule and plan on sticking with Dr. L for the foreseeable future until I am pain free. Prior to treatment, I had been seeing a physical therapist for several months but was not seeing significant results. Dr. Lagana delivered.
Anastasios Andronikidis (Google Reviews)
Quality: Excellent
I started going to Dr. LaGana about 5 months ago. In the past five years I have received treatment from another chiropractor and two physical therapists for pain in my lower back and my shoulder/upper back and neck. It had become some painful that my activities were limited. My hunch was that no one that I sought treatment from was addressing the real issue because the pain never fully resolved. After completing my treatment plan and doing Dr. LaGana’s recommended self-care at home I am living with 95% less pain. There are days I am completely pain-free. I rarely write recommendations but I am so excited about this that it feels worth sharing. Additionally, I was eager to rely on Dr. LaGana’s treatment plan based on his thorough information-gatherig during the intake/diagnostic appointments; his excellent skills in explaining the overall course of treatment and then at each different step what we were doing and why we were doing it. I had excellent care from him and the office staff (Tish) is excellent as well! If I could insist all my friends and family go for chiropractic care at Dr. LaGana’s I would.
Quality: Excellent
I came to Dr. LaGana after I had somehow managed to throw my back out and scheduled an appointment after several days of severe lower back pain. When I called to make my first appointment, I was able to come in the next day for a consultation. After reviewing my x-rays, I began seeing Dr. LaGana intensively, working in a manner more akin to physical therapy than what I had always associated with chiropractics. Using strength training exercises and the “activator” method, I felt steady improvements along the road to full recovery, and still have the preventative exercises I need to maintain lower back muscular strength to ensure continued health. Additionally, Dr. LaGana is always warm and kind, and will re-educate you on the poetic prowess of certain 1960’s artists, to keep conversation interesting. Highly recommended!
Betsy Colby (Google Reviews)
Quality: Excellent
I saw Dr. LaGana for the first time 2 years ago – it was opening week of a big dance show, and I threw my back out during a rehearsal. I came to him on a friend’s recommendation, and he went above and beyond. We met for over an hour – he meticulously went through my entire history and provided me with immediate relief and exercises for at-home care. I was performance-ready by opening night, and I’ve continued to see him since! As a regular performer, I’m quite hard on my body, and Dr. LaGana has been a great resource for helping me minimize damage and prevent future injury. Dr. LaGana is responsive, kind, and thorough. He’s proven time and again to be a thoughtful, effective care provider who is incredibly focused on achieving the best results for his patients. I would wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone seeking either emergency or maintenance care.
Leyna McKenney (Google Reviews)
Quality: Excellent
I started seeing Dr. LaGana last autumn after a fall from a horse left me concerned about the possibility of developing residual alignment issues. I had dealt with on-and-off back pain for the past few years from a variety of causes, and didn’t want to add onto this base. Shortly into my course of treatment, the focus began to switch from the tension in my lower back to the angle of my shoulder– growing up, I had noticed that one shoulder tilted forward and down, but couldn’t pinpoint the cause of this and accepted it as a natural part of my conformation. When I brought this up to Dr. LaGana, he helped me see that the positioning of my shoulder was entirely due to the strength (or, lack thereof) of the muscles supporting my bones. This line of reasoning tied in with Dr. LaGana’s more general philosophy, that pain in one’s back can be traced in origin to the angle of imbalance in one’s hips, and, from my experience, shoulders. Through a series of exercises, stretches, and isolated strengthening, Dr. LaGana helped start me on a path that would ultimately lift my shoulder up and back, balance my hips, and release the pain I’d already started to build up in my (relatively short) lifetime. I have since gotten to a maintenance point with my care, but if I run into trouble again, I would absolutely see Dr. LaGana again in a heartbeat. His approach to treatment is comprehensive, individualized, and thorough, and he places a great deal of belief in the patient’s ability to heal themselves. I’ll ditto the review below about professionalism and personalization– Tish and Dr. LaGana are among the friendliest, most genuine people I have met in Boston, people I’ve come to see as friends, which is rare in this city. If you are experiencing pain and want to gain the ability to really understand your treatment, absolutely look up Dr. LaGana!!
Lauren Kerr (Google Reviews)
Quality: Excellent

Hello all, if your reading this your probably looking for help, and if so you can definitely find it here. I have had low back problems on and off for about fifteen years now and have seen different chiropractors over that time. About a month and a half ago I had some issues and even in the first visit Dr. LaGana was able to help me significantly. Over the last month I have gone in for regular treatments and he has been able to balance my structural alignment better and faster than anyone I have visited before. Initially he helped me gain balance, in the interim he has taught me a series of exercises for me to do at home to maintain my balance with his goal being for me to be able to maintain structural integrity on my own. He is highly skilled. His diagnosis is very thorough and calculated and his manipulation technique is both gentle and subtle as well as highly effective. This all in an very pleasant and professional environment. He has a good sense of humor and makes people feel comfortable. Over all I would highly recommend seeing him if you are having problems.

A Wickenheiser (Google Reviews)
Quality: Excellent
Dr. LaGana and his wife Tish are the most wonderful people! I came to Dr. LaGana’s office after stepping off a curb and getting a stabbing pain one day in my lower back. I googled and tried to find somewhere close and came across his website. I’m glad I did. For just over a year I’ve been in and out of hte office as needed. One thing I love is that he won’t “crack” your back just to do so. He strives to stabilize and heal your injury and then to prevent further agitation by teaching proper exercises based on your weakness – like floor or stability ball. He’s a great person and they are flexible to your schedule and only a call away (as he always likes to remind me!). Most definitely recommend this practice!
Bridget Bartol (Google Reviews)
Quality: Excellent
I first called Dr. LaGana when I was experiencing chronic tension and pain in my neck and shoulder. I was going out of town and was unable to get to his office before my trip; however, Dr. LaGana called me and gave me recommendations for stretches and general guidelines to ease the pain. During follow-up visits, he was friendly, professional and truly concerned about my recovery. The adjustments he made were painless, but I felt relief as soon as my sessions were over. He also focused a lot on educating me regarding the importance of strength training and sleep posture. I no longer feel pain in my shoulder, but I now know what to do if I start feeling tension again, and I continue to see Dr. LaGana to maintain the changes that have been made. Overall, I could not be happier with the level of care and attention I received at Dr. LaGana’s office and I would highly recommend him for treatment!
Emily Hastie (Google Reviews)
QualityL Excellent
I’ve been to many chiropractors in the last 30 years; none have given me the level of pain relief, professionalism, and satisfaction of Dr. LaGana.As a chronic sufferer of lower back pain, I was amazed how quickly I found relief after I began seeing Dr. L  regularly. The treatments are comfortable and safe and have improved my quality of life immeasurably. But, just as importantly, Dr. LaGana has given me the tools (home care therapies) that have enabled me to maintain a healthy back over the long-term.These lifestyle changes are particularly important, as I travel internationally frequently, which puts added stress on my back, not just with the lifting of bags, but sleeping in different beds (another valuable less I learned from Dr. L is the importance of a high quality mattress for a healthy back). This proactive approach has given me the ability to be more in control of my condition, instead of totally dependent on in-office treatment.I’ve been treated by Dr. LaGana for over 10 years and can’t imagine my life without him. He makes every day better!
 Curt DiCamillo (Google Reviews)
Quality: Excellent
I’m 33 years old. I strained my lower back two times playing tennis a few months ago. I initially ignored it altogether. After the third injury in three months, I decided to do something about it. I was introduced to Dr. LaGana by a friend who had been seeing him for quite some time. He said his method had been extremely effective for his lower back pain. Dr. LaGana found the root of my problem on the very first session I had with him. He said he would have solved it in 8-10 sessions. The whole treatment took approximately one month and a half, and the result was as promised. I can now play tennis, and perform all sorts of athletic activities without worrying about my lower back. I did not have any episode ever since. The treatment was completely different from what I thought. My image of chiropractice was of a painful and rough remedy. It could not have been any farther from the truth. The way I can best describe his technique is that of a musician tuning a piano. Each session would consist of a rigorous assessment of the mechanics of my spine combined with aimed pain-free manipulation of my joints via subtle mechanical pulses. In addition, Dr. LaGana recommended a series of personalized exercises to do at home, walking me through how to do them, and explaining the mechanics of what they would do to my spine. I found that extremely useful. Thanks to the exercises he showed me, I am confident I will prevent further injuries, without spending thousands of dollars on personal training,Pilates, etc.
Michele Moresco (Google Reviews)
Quality: Excellent
Dr. LaGana completely changed my life!I have a lower back problem for about 18 years and I tried many different doctors and treatments, including 3 other chiropractors, but none was as effective as Dr. LaGana’s treatment.I can’t remember the last time I felt confident about my lower back before Dr. LaGana. I feel stronger, more flexible, and able to go back to my sports activities such as tennis and soccer with no pain!As a plus, he is a very funny guy!Thank you very much Dr. LaGana for providing me this felling.
Renato Douek (Google Reviews)
Quality: Excellent
After years of sports injuries, dancing, and one very nasty car accident, my body and back were in terrible shape. To put it mildly, I was a lopsided mess and had actually become accustomed to living in pain. A few fellow dancers recommended that I see Dr. LaGana – calling him out as a “miracle worker.” Well, they were right. I’ve seen many chiropractors over the years, but no one has effected change – lasting change – the way that Dr. LaGana has. He helped me make simple, everyday adjustments to my routine that, combined with regular visits, have helped me on a path to recovery. The best part is that Dr. LaGana and his wife are incredibly kind, warm, and efficient with their patients. They will check in if you’ve been on the road or out of the office for awhile, work with your schedule to make appointments work, and they’re very understanding that “life happens” sometimes. I would highly recommend this practice if you’re in need of chiropractic care.

Alli Thresher (Google Reviews)Quality: Excellent

I first started working with Dr. LaGana about 2 years ago after a back injury and I was in such pain that I could not stop crying. He was able to help me so much in our very first meeting and by our third meeting I felt like a new person. He gave me safe, quick, easy exercises to do at home that also helped – and made me feel like I was back in control of my body. He gives great advice/suggestions and never preaches. Working with him continues to be a great experience.

Carrie Campbell (Google Reviews)

Quality: Excellent

Dr. LaGana is wonderful! I cannot say enough about my experience while working with him. I’m pretty active and try to work out at least 4-5 days a week. Several months back, I “overdid it” and woke up with tremendous lower back pain. I had a hard time walking and could not stand up straight. Dr. LaGana came highly recommended through a friend of mine and upon calling his office, was able to schedule an appointment for that afternoon! I felt immediate improvement after our first visit. Dr. LaGana took the time to print and provide me exercises to do at home as a preventative measure of creating further injury. I continued working with him over the summer while training for the Pan Massachusetts Challenge and currently pop into his office for an occasional “tune up” to ensure my back is aligned. He is a miracle worker!! And I adore his wife Tish too – she is always so accommodating with scheduling appointments. And an added bonus…the coffee candies they keep at the front desk!
Kristyn Kerkorian (Google Reviews)
Quality: Excellent
I came to Dr. LaGana with some serious back issues that had been laying dormant for some time. He was able to locate the problem areas and used a series of techniques to get me back to working conditions. After the first visit, he gave me a timeline estimate for my recovery and impressively kept to his word. I highly recommend his practice.
Aaron Perlroth (Google Reviews)