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Dr. Gregory P. LaGana

Benefit from more than four decades of experience. Dr. Gregory LaGana works quickly to relieve your pain so you can return to your busy life. With additional therapies offered, we seek to boost your body’s natural healing abilities. Contact us today!

Brookline Chiropractor Restores Your Function

Improve Your Well-Being with Dr. Gregory P. LaGana

Couple stretchingIf you are suffering with spinal pain, especially low back pain and sciatica, and are looking to regain and take control of your functional health, Brookline Chiropractor, Dr. Gregory LaGana can help. In practice since 1977, he has the experience and skills to assist you. His first priority is to get you comfortable as quickly as possible. Then, give you the information and teach you the tools you need to maintain your wellbeing and to function pain free.

At Dr. LaGana’s office you will get the honest answers you need. If he doesn’t feel that you are a suitable candidate for his specialty you will be informed immediately.

Taking Care of Your Body

There are no replacement parts for our spine (23 discs-24 bones). We all have to live our lives with the spine we have – no matter what condition it is in. Once you are feeling better, you will use the knowledge you have gained from Dr. LaGana to minimize and prevent reoccurrences and maintain your full function.

Through years of clinical practice, Dr. LaGana has refined his spinal corrective techniques. He has a special focus on low back pain and sciatica (disc related leg pain). Combining safe, effective, low force chiropractic procedures with additional physical therapy exercises and manual lumbar traction, has proven to be very effective in speeding up the corrective and healing process.