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Meet Dr. Gregory LaGana

Discovering Natural Healing

Dr. Gregory LaGanaMy chiropractic story is a variation on a theme of most chiropractors of my generation. Except for the lucky few who grew up with a chiropractor in the family, most of us became aware of chiropractic because of a successful treatment we experienced after conventional care at the time had failed.

Without going into great detail, I was scheduled to attend law school the September following my undergraduate degree. I decided to delay for one year. I worked as a commercial gardeners assistant and, during work, sustained an injury. After three weeks of conventional treatment with no improvement, my mobility was severely limited. (This was a new experience, I might add, for a very healthy, in shape 21 year old.) Desperate and reluctant, I took a friend’s advice and went to the NY Chiropractic College for an evaluation.

Everything from the examination to the explanation of their exam findings were eye opening. It didn’t seem opposed to medicine, but different. I now understand it as a complementary alternative. Within a short time of starting chiropractic treatment, I was able to resume activities and soon after that was pain free.

Finding the Right Path

After several months of soul searching, I realized that chiropractic, and giving others the benefit of chiropractic care, would be more meaningful and personally fulfilling. I enrolled at New York Chiropractic College and graduated in 1976.

Happily married for more than 40 years, I enjoy spending time with my family. Having become a parent later in life, I know from personal experience the importance of maintaining good structural and muscular health for vitality and the physical abilities needed to take care of children and my patients. When I’m not in the practice my time is spent with family and friends, and enjoying the cultural advantage of city living.


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